Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Returning Home: LAFTI as Family

Returning Home: LAFTI as Family
Kuthur, February 12, 2006

After getting down from the minivan that Sekar, Vidya, Dr. V. and their students are traveling in, I wave goodbyes and gather my bags by the side of the road, and then start walking towards the LAFTI Ashram. It is almost mid-day and the sun is blazing down. I stop briefly to put on a hat, then resume my walk past the paddy fields and houses of Kuthur, many of them Muslim, a clear harmony prevailing here on all who live in this village.

People smile, nod their heads, and wave. It is the middle of the growing season for some crops, while others are being harvested. There is calm and the weather, despite the sun, is pleasant enough. It is not yet the summer and some people still have woolen caps on their heads or are wearing sweaters though it is already at least 20 degrees C. outside or the high 70s F.

Entering the LAFTI compound I immediately see Amma standing on the veranda in front of her house beside Appa, who is sitting on a bench holding his cane. She shouts my name and comes quickly towards me, holding out her hands. I give her a hug, which she may be a little embarrassed by! But I think she is happy with it and seeing me! Have you eaten? We will eat soon. Let’s talk.

We talk for sometime about everyone at LAFTI and where matters stand with various projects and cases. There is much work to be done.


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