Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some photos from the Opus Events

1. (Top) Krishnammal was introduced at the Opus Awards by an extraordinary Seattle University graduate (and our new friend) Tuseef Chaudhry (right). This picture is with his family. At Tuseef's invitation, Ellen and I attended a fine meeting at Seattle's Town Hall on Islam and World Peace.

2. A rare, face-to-face meeting of the Friends of LAFTI Foundation! - from left: Randa Blanding, Peggy Burns (our intrepid Executive Director), you know who, Jenny Ladd, and moi.

3. On stage for the Awards Ceremony. Benaroya Hall was packed with 2,900 people, and we were told there was a waiting list of 800.

4. Jagannathan was with us in spirit. He spun the threads that made the cloth for Aliyah's churi dal (right), and gave it to her when we had gone to help with tsunami relief in 2004.

5. So this was one of the rare times that our entire family was together - Aliyah, Ellen, Meera, and yours truly, and with Krishnammal no less!

6. David Willis came in from Japan. Bhoomikumar from Sweden on the way home to Cambodia. In 31 years since I've known them both (actually, I've known "the other David" for 35) I think this is the first time we've all be in the same place at the same time.


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