Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back to the Source! (or at least Kuthur)

So it’s time to get the Blog up and running again – I’m headed off to India and LAFTI on Saturday. For pleasure – David Willis and his new wife Mika are celebrating their marriage at the Menakshi Temple in Madurai. And then a whole bunch of us western-types will gather with LAFTI’s leadership to discuss further directions, further initiatives.

I expect it will be very exciting. We think we can do so much more! Krishnammal has arranged for land for a thousand more families. The housebuilding projects are proceeding wonderfully, and, with great thanks to our Italian friends, there is a new hostel for the 100 kids at Valivalam, and even a roof on the old house at Gandhigram so that the kids can use it for study and play space.

And we all really need an update on the prawn farms. Sigh. I look forward to posting more.


Blogger Obstructing Reality said...

Thank you for posting again! I kept checking this blog, hoping for updates - don't let it go again, please!

Also, my love to Aliyah, wherever she is.


5:58 AM, July 26, 2006  

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